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June 7, 2017

A man with a plan


A man with a plan is the title of my blog and the title of my new upcoming book. I'm writing both for the same reason, I'm tired of seeing unhealthy men! I'm a Urologist and I've been in private practice for over 25 years. Many people don't know what a Urologist does or what type of patient a Urologist sees. Although, almost 50% of my patients are women, most mistakenly think of the Urologist as the man's doctor. For our purposes, I'm fine with that title.

Many guys associate the Urologist with the oh so popular rectal exam! Stop cringing and uncross your legs. A rectal exam is an important part of every man's physical exam. It's easy to do and and can be a great source of information. As an aside, we as men have no idea what women of through. They get poked and prodded in every orifice from the time they are very young. If that isn't bad enough, ask any women how horrible it is to get their breasts squished, to get a mammogram. Trust me, it's no fun.

Of course, I focus on all of my patient's urologic problems. However, I also spend a great deal of time talking to them about there general health. If you're a typical man, you practically wait until something falls off before you get it checked out! That's the problem with us. We are hard wired and socially encouraged to endure and persevere even when things aren't going well. You've heard some of the cliches; be a man, suck it up, big boys don't cry...etc.

If you're the type of guy that is proactive with your health, I applaud you. Your a rare breed. Most guys including myself, are not like that!

I've read a multitude of books on health, nutrition, weight loss, muscle building, testosterone replacement, diet and they're all very interesting. I've combed through numerous websites and Youtube videos. The most striking thing that most of these have in common are that they are mostly written by non-health care individuals. Many of these sound interesting, but these people have no background in health or physiology. I have found them filled with half truths and flat out wrong information.

Just because a guy has great abs, doesn't suddenly make him an expert in male physiology! I'm often amazed at how far these so called health gurus get with no medical background! I'm tired of the sales pitches, the mis-information and flat out lies, just to sell their products.

This is not a fad or passing fancy for me. I've been a student of physiology for over thirty years. I've taken graduate level courses on nutrition, hormone replacement therapy and stress management. I'm selling a product too, it's called health!

If you follow my blog, you are finally going to hear the truth. In my world I have to back up everything I do with literature and studies done by major institutions. Not speculation, or half truths or snipits from articles or the internet, taken out of context to prove a point, or more commonly sell you a product.

We will explore all the things I write about in my upcoming book A Man With A Plan, as well as many other topics that are uniquely associated with men. This will include: nutrition, weight loss, stress management , hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction as well as a myriad of strictly male related health issues.

I'm excited and can't wait to get started. I'm looking forward to creating an online forum that will help us...men. I'm in the prime of my life and I want to stay that way. I want to help you stay that way too!

Be a Man With a Plan


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